Lost Cause (minteckers) wrote in prayersisters,
Lost Cause


Please pray for the safe return of my cat, Twerple. She escaped her indoor only life sometime Sunday night/Monday morning, along with her two friends. The oldest kitty came home that morning and alerted us to the fact there had been an escape. We caught the other kitty in a live trap this morning at 1am after 50+ hours of being out.

We have one more kitty to go to bring our family back together. She is very important to us, the matriarch of our kitty household of five.

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Your prayers worked, she came home!

Went and checked on the trap and was very disappointed to see it empty. Walking home I began to think about how long she'd been gone and the likely hood that she'd ever make it back home. I began to get really depressed that no one had called this morning. I decided to go ahead and check the back trap, and on my way back I saw something run on the deck. I came closer and it hid behind the barbecue. I called Twerple's name and a head popped out, and in her whiny voice started meowing. I didn't want to risk trying to pick her up, for fear she'd run into the woods, so I just opened the sliding glass door...and in she came!! I can't believe she survived out there on her own for so long!

Everyone is back and okay!
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