starsofophelia (starsofophelia) wrote in prayersisters,

Please Pray for my aunt

My aunt was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor today. She is in the hospital right now. She has three small children. Please pray for her strength and wellness. Please pray for her children and my family as we cope with this. Please please pray for my Cousin. My cousin is 20 and he is my aunts 4th child and is the oldest. He was raised by my grandmother and we lost her to cancer 4 years ago. Now he is going through his mothers health problem now. He is extremely bent out of shape. He thinks he is losing both of his mothers and he thinks that he is some awful person because this keeps happening.

We are all so worried. We have lost 4 people from cancer. My grandmother had cervical cancer, her mother had lung cancer and her two sisters died of breast cancer.

I am so scared.
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