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Praise report and more prayers needed

Hey everyone. I posted a couple days ago asking for prayers for my friend that was abruptly left. Well thank you to all who prayed. He finally contacted her today and explained what happened. Just as I suspected his "wife" (they are going through a divorce) is using their daughter as a bargaining chip. She threatened to hire a PI and prove adultery, even though they wre seperated before he and my friend got involved, and then take their daughter away and move to seattle, they currently live in SC. So he went back to live with her to keep his daughter. My friend and her grampa are going to help as best they can. Please pray that he keeps his daughter and hopefully gets her away from this selfish woman. I also ask that you pray for this woman that whatever in her that wants to hurt him and not care about her daughter's happiness is healed. I can't imagine being that bitter in life. And just FYI she was with another man before they were seperated and before he started being with my friend. Our prayers worked and I trust they will continue. This man was willing to be with someone he cannot stand, giving up the woman he truly loves, just to keep his daughter. He is a true man and needs our prayers. Thank you all.
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